p90x-reviewI wasn’t going to write about P90x on WIHTJ until day 90, but since it’s day 45 for me today and so many people have been asking me about P90x I figure I’d just give a short and brief explanation on some of the ground rules of this workout regiment. First things first, P90x is an extreme home fitness training system. It’s unbelievable tough, but will give you unbelievable results if you have roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes a day for 90 days. I started 45 days ago and have already lost 10 pounds. Being that I’ve passed the 30 day mark I’m now in the somewhat muscle mass building phase where the first phase (30 days) was fat shredding. You have to lose the weight first before you start building muscle.

So the cost is quite moderate (relative to most gym memberships), you can go to amazon and get the package for about $150 bucks (including s/h and taxes). There are about 12 DVDS which are the following:

  1. Chest and Back
  2. Plyometrics
  3. Shoulders and Arms
  4. Yoga X
  5. Legs and Back
  6. Kenpo X
  7. X Stretch
  8. Core Synergistics
  9. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
  10. Back and Biceps
  11. Cardio X
  12. Ab Ripper X

P90x is the most intense workout I have ever done. It pushes you to the edge, and creates a regiment that allows your body to maximize it’s fullest potential. What is great is it’s a perfect balance of high intense gut wrenching cardio and muscle blasting/building techniques. There are tons of strength training exercises. If you want to go heavy and build more mass, you can do that, but if you are looking for a more lean cut you can do that to. It’s engineered for that. It has a diet plan but it’s extremely healthy and hearty.

So what do you need

  1. P90x ($150.00)
  2. Pull up Chin up bar ($30.00)
  3. Hexagon Dumbbells (This will run you about $150-200 bucks because you need 4-5 sets of dumbbells [I’ll explain shortly])
  4. Extra Long Extra Wide Yoga Mat ($25)
  5. Recovery Drink ($40 a month)
  6. Protein bars ($30 a month)
  7. Exercise Bands ($40)
  8. Towel
  9. Water
  10. A Chair

So the first thing you might be saying to yourself is “The hell with this, it’s too expensive. All this dang equipment and food costs”. The first thing you have to say to yourself is, Is it too expensive (you can’t afford it), or it’s too expensive (I didn’t think it would be that much and I only wanted to pay X amount of dollars because I thought it would cost around x dollars). Some of this equipment you might already have but I’ve been working out for over 10 years so most of this stuff I have, except for the extra wide extra long yoga mat and a set of 25 pound dumbbells. Most of these are one time costs except for the monthly costs. Another question you should ask yourself is, how much is your health worth? $200? $300? $400? Can you really put a price on health?

So let’s talk about dumbbells for a moment. the $150-200 bucks is assuming that you don’t have any dumbbells at home. I use 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 paired dumbbells for my workout. Depending on your strength and how fit you are you might need a lower or higher range. A general rule is whatever weight you can curl (standing dumbbell curl) comfortably four about 8-12 reps, get 4 pairs down and one pair up, so if you can curl 25 pounds comfortably you would get 5, 10, 15, 20, and one 30 pound set dumbbells. This is a general rule and can change based on your level of strength.

To be honest I don’t follow the program to a “T”, but I do 95% of the dietary guidelines. I might have missed a protein bar here or there, and I don’t use any recovery drinks because I was getting huge migraines from the recovery drink (Endurox R4), so I just use a whey protein with a glutamine/amino acid supplement for my recovery drink.

The biggest value to P90x is it encourages a healthy lifestyle change. I was pretty healthy before but now I’m taking it to another level. I feel so amped and pumped every day. Make sure that you heed to all the warnings because this is a serious workout. Make sure you do the P90X fitness test, and take your time. I stumbled a lot in the beginning because the program is very difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get through it and be successful. I have two words for you. BRING IT!

General Information and stuff you’ll need for P90x

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  1. P90x Diaries: Today is Day 90!

    […] P90x allowed me to push my body to the limits. I wasn’t aware my body could do the things it does today. Many times my wife would see me drenched in a puddle of sweat and wonder if I took a shower with my gym clothes on or is P90x really pushing my body to it’s limits. At this moment I don’t need anything else. My gym membership would be cancelled if it wasn’t costing me such a small amount every month ($10 bucks a month at Planet Fitness). You don’t really need a gym membership if you have the room space and time to do P90x. […]

  2. Stephen

    Thanks Malik, I’m going to start P90X soon. The tip on what range of dumbells to use was very helpful, I just have to stock up the official power bars and protein powder before I can start. Quite a bit more to the program then just buying it haha.

  3. Malik Abdul Rasheed

    Awesome. P90x will not let you down. Raise your expectations really high. Yes, as you mentioned, a lot more than just the video. and I wanted to make that clear in the post so folks knew what to expect. I’m vacationing in England, and I’m even working P90x routines in my morning workouts. Once you train with P90x, it becomes ingrained in everything you do. Something else you might interested in when you get through P90x. This is quick little strip-set pushup routine I put together Pushups Around the World (P.A.W.)


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