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Initially I was going to turn my workout routine into an app where you could use all my fitness tools and turn them into your own program. However, I have so many side projects cooking right now, I don’t have time. I wrote this post because after 3 years on a resistance and body weight training program, I realize that my home workout routine is far superior than any fitness gym. I’ve already touched on this in an earlier post but let me further crush your dreams of any hope that you will get to a gym anytime soon, and if you do, the efficiency you get will be lacking

Before we get into the entire inventory of my home workout equipment, here’s the top 3 reasons how I got into building my workout routine at home:

  1. In my last post I talked about that only 20% of people who sign up for gym memberships use the gym. But did you know that of the 20%, 10% of that 20% are personal trainers. Which means, only 10% are regular Janes and Joes, who are nonprofessionals. Do you really believe you are one of the few 10%?
  2. The ability to experiment and fail gracefully in your comfort zone. One of the benefits of a home based workout, is you can practice a degree of fitness trail and error, that’s often difficult in a public gym. That trail and error is where you find out what works for your body type.
  3. Even if you get to a gym, there are three key fitness techniques that you’ll find very difficult to apply in a crowded gym””Staggered super sets , compound sets and drop sets. Combing these three techniques gives you the benefit of training muscle groups together while alternating the muscle group within sets. This is a secret or lesser known technique, that is key to packing in a lot of intensity, progressive overload, time efficiency while maintaining a degree of variety within your workout. Try jumping to 3-4 different machines consecutively in a training circuit in a crowded gym while “fighting” for equipment. Let me know how that works out. If you still want to try your luck I have one word for you:

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